Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nhlanhla’s Chat Continues…

From the Mnet Idols website:

While network problems brought the online chat

to a halt, we carried on chatting to Nhlanhla during
the down time…

Q: Who would you like to do a duet with?
N: Malaika. I love these guys!

Q: Who’s your least favourite judge and why?
N: Randall. He always says something that

you won’t understand.

Q: Would you like to write your own songs?
N: I’d love to write my own songs but work with professional


Q: Are you going to be at Back O’ The Moon tomorrow night?
N: Yes, I’ll be there.

Q: What was the highlight of your Idols experience?
N: When I was signing autographs at the Star in U Kids A


Q: What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
N: When I was doing rap because I had never done it


Q: What are you going to miss about GRC?
N: People coming screaming for me!

Q: Being the only two males in the competition, was it

difficult competing and being friends with Gift?
N: We were so honoured that out of millions of guys in

SA, it was me and him in the competition and we are
good friends.

Q: How does your girlfriend deal with your newfound fame?
N: She handles it so well.

Q: Would you like to record something with Poseletso?
N: Yes, I’d like to, if she’d like to do something with me.

Q: Can we see you at any public events soon?
N: Yes, in a Pick `n Pay hypermarket in Boksburg and

the Top 12 are going on a tour in December.

Q: What’s your favourite food?
N: Pap and steak.

Q: Do you have a dream destination?
N: I would love to see myself in Miami!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about going home?
N: To see all of my friends and my younger brothers and

my mom.

Q: What was the scariest part about being on Idols?
N: If you forgot your words on stage on Sunday!!!

Q: In what ways do you think you have changed since

entering Idols?
N: I’m no longer shy and I can speak to anyone now.

I’ve learned to trust my instincts now.

Q: What have you done for your birthday?
N: It was a busy day but Lani (Head of M-Net

Publicity) and Natasha (Idols Website Writer)
bought me cakes.

Q: What did you do last night after the Results Show?
N: I went back to GRC and I stayed in my room

and watched TV.

Q: What went through your mind when Colin said you

were the one going home?
N: I was relieved from the stress.

Q: Out of all celebrities you have met since being on

Idols, who has been your favourite?
N: Menzi Ngubane, the one who plays Sbusiso Dlomo

on Generations.

Q: What the least enjoyable part about being on the

N: Nothing. I enjoyed each and every thing.

Comment from Nhlanhla:

I’d like to say thank you who remembered my birthday

today and to all those people who have been voting for
me – I mean you guys – I love you all and I promise you,
this is not the last time you’ll see me. Next year you’re
going to see me with my album. And keep it cool!
You rock all of you!


* * *
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Nhlanhla's chat transcript (from Mnet Idols)

Read the transcript on the Mnet Idols website:

Ed: Apologies but we experienced some network issues and

could not continue to chat with Nhla - we did pose some of
your questions and others during the downtime and will
run his replies as a news story soon.
The Editor

maryna : Would you say the contentants are friends or rivals?

Nhlanhla : Friends.

bat : On behalf of Phillip who cannot log in
problem): Nhlanhla, when do you think you'll be recording
a solo album?
Nhlanhla : Next year, definitely.

Selene : Who is your favourite artist and what is your

favourite song?
Nhlanhla : Malaika and my favourite song is
'Mhlaphe Lamandla'.

Selene : Nhlanhla who is your role model and why?

Nhlanhla : Ringo Madlingozi - I love his music and
the way he sings.

Selene : Nhlanhla why do you think you were voted off?

Nhlanhla : It's because I got the least votes.

Lisa : Hey Nhlanhla, my name is Lisa and I am a BIG fan

of yours, i just wanted 2 ask if we are going to be seeing
more of you?
Nhlanhla : Yes you are going to see more of me. We will
be having a tour - all of the 12 contestants in Idols -
in December.

bat : On behalf of Phillip: Comments from judges have

not been so favourable, but remember you are a
remarkable talent and have a unique voice we haven't
yet heard in the SA music industry.
Nhlanhla : Thank you very much. I think you'll hear
it now more and more next year once I bring out my CD.

bat : (on behalf of Phillip): Nhla, do you still believe in

yourself and do you know that you are talented just as
your fans know it, despite negative comments from judges?
Nhlanhla : Yes, I still believe that I am talented - and
thanks to you and Phillip.

Lebethe : Nhlanhla, you spoke passionately about your

mom on Sunday, what has she to say about you being
voted out?
Nhlanhla : She said, 'well done' and I was looking
for that from her.

Lorraine : Hi babes, You made me cry with Luther 's

song yesterday.If i ever meet you, would you ever mind
just to sing it for me?It really melted my heart.
I believe your singing career starts here.
All the best
Nhlanhla : I won't mind singing it for you baby!

KAREN : hi nhlanhla,are you happy with how far you

got in the contest or do you think you could have
gone further
Nhlanhla : I think I could have gone further but I am happy I made it into the Top 5.

Anusha : Happy Birthday!!! It was sad to see you go,

but you have all my good wishes for the future. I will
definitely buy your cd when it's out! In your opnion
who do you think is the deserved winner, and who
will 'really' win?
Nhlanhla : All of them deserve to win but I'll go for Karin.

Ian Senzo : Nhlanhla would you agree if i were to say

Music is life
Nhlanhla : I will agree. Music is the food of life.

Lisa : Hey Nhlanhla, i just wanted to ask, what advice to

aspiring singers? I am one but the people out there are
really harsh, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Nhlanhla : Follow your heart and believe in yourself that
you can do it. Look at me: from gardener to Top 5 on Idols.

Phillip : Nhla when are u recording ur first CD

Nhlanhla : Next year, definitely!

Lebethe : Congratulations for making it this far... it was

important for role modelling purposes of our younger
brothers... where to from here? (Lebethe)
Nhlanhla : From gardener to Idols to a solo career.

fatimah : did you for one moment think you'd be the next

to go home?
Nhlanhla : I did think about that in Top 8. Last night,
not really.

fatimah : what is your impression of the way Mara treated

V on Sunday night
Nhlanhla : It was not fair because she didn't understand Zulu.

fatimah : What would you have done differently?

Nhlanhla : I was going to bring the best voice over there.

fatimah : In order of preference, tellus your best-worst

Nhlanhla : Mara, Gareth, Dave and Randall.

fatimah : doesnt it just suck when they ask you to sing

after giving you the boot?
Nhlanhla : No it doesn't suck. It's your last chance to
sing on Idols.

J.J : DO you think it was fair that you are out now?

I think you are brilliant and always voted for you.
I really think you had one of the best voices and
are better than V and Nicky (who are brilliant,
but I prefer your voice)
Nhlanhla : No it wasn't fair that I was voted out
last night.

J.J : If the final is between V and Karin, who would you

want to win it?
Nhlanhla : V has everything that an Idol needs. Karin
has got the voice and her life can change. I'll have a tie
for myself!

AmandAmandaa : Have you had any offers for deals

in the Music Scene? If not, please do not go back to
gardening - you are far to good to go wasted.
Nhlanhla : I'm not going there anymore and next year,
watch out for my CD!

Benita : Did you have a fun time???

Nhlanhla : I had a lot of fun time on Idols!

claire : hey Nhlanhla, who do you think you will

miss most out of the remaining contestants and
who did you miss most of the past contestants that
have already left!!and Happy Birthday!
Nhlanhla : I'll miss all of them and out of the ones
who have left, Ayanda and Bonolo.

claire : did you expect you would get this far when

you first entered idols?Nhlanhla : No, I limited myself
to Top 24 and I'm so grateful I made it so far.

Lucinda : i'm totally in love with you, are you and

your girlfriend serious.
Nhlanhla : Yes we are serious... We've been dating for
a long time now.

Riaan : Nhlanhla, would you classify yourself as

a metro- sexual male ?
Nhlanhla : Maybe, but I've got a tummy!

Owain : Hey Man! Congrats firstly on doing so well,

secondly, Happy B-day! I wanted to ask you:
What was the most emotional part of Idols for
you - like missing family etc?
Nhlanhla : It was when I was missing my family
and my girlfriend.

Fundisile : Throughout the Idols competition

which perfomance do you think was your best
and why?
Nhlanhla : It was in Top 24 stage ('Hello') and
Top 12 ('Used To Love You'), I was cooking then
man and it was still fresh.

Tba : Happy Birthday! i am sorry u got voted out.

I am your die hard fan& will always be. how did
u feel when u got a compliment frm Merriam Makeba?
Nhlanhla : I was over the moon! I didn't even concentrate
on what Randall said to me!

Tba : Are u going to make Phillip your manager once

u get a recording contract? plz do!
Nhlanhla : He's a nice guy and I think he knows what
he's doing. I'll see!

deborah : Will miss you. I hope you get a recording deal

soon and start working on a CD and I will buy a million
copies. I will start saving soon.
Nhlanhla : I will do so and it will be the best CD
that you'll ever buy!

Nomvula : Has any record company approached you

yet for a recording deal?
Nhlanhla : Not yet, I'm hoping I can do something
with SonyBMG next year.

nothabo : nhlanhla have you been asked to do anything

with any of the South African groups
Nhlanhla : No, not yet - but I'd love to do something
with one of the best groups in South Africa, Malaika.

Sandra : Hey Nhlanhla. My mommy cried when you

left last night. Just wondering who would you like to s
ee win Idols 2005?
Nhlanhla : Anyone for me at this point can win Idols.

Minnie : Happy birthday, hope you not to sad to

enjoy your day, sorry to see you leaving, you have such
a beautiful voice, keep singing and believe in yourself.
Did you also feel that Dave was unfair towards you,
well my whole family felt so.
Nhlanhla : I think he was doing his job, man. He's not
like that when he's not judging.

Yolandi : Hi Nhlanhla! I'm very sad that you've

been voted off Idols last night. I think you're great.
I just want to wish you all the best for the future.
What's your plans for the future? I really hope
things work out for you!!!! I'm going to miss you
on Sunday!!!! Take care.
Yolandi, Cape Town
Nhlanhla : The doors are starting to open for me right
now so I'm in the industry for good. You're going to see
me more and more now.

salvation : Hi Nhlanhla,congratulations for making it

this far you are a star.if you were asked to go to
overseas(USA) and persue your music carrer there
for like 2years and you were offered a lot of cash for t
he contract and were not to bring anyone along ,would
you go and leave your girlfriend behind?
Nhlanhla : I'd try to bribe them so I can bring my
girlfriend along...

* * *

A message from Nhlanhla to his fans

Post By: Nhlanhla on the Mnet Idols forum

Posted On: 2005/11/15 03:34:04 PM

Hello. I'd like to thank each and everyone who was voting

for me from Top 24 up until now, Top 5.

I really appreciate what you are doing for me - this is not
the last time you see me in this industry.

I promise this time next year you'll have my CD.

Don't stop - keep on watching the show!

Love you all, Nhlanhla

* * *

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Nhlanhla

Nhlanhla, I hope you have a wonderful day today - may all your wishes and wildest dreams come true.

Please leave a comment for Nhlanhla or post your and birthday wishes to Nhlanhla HERE (Idols' forum). You can chat to him to him on Tuesday at 15:50 in the Idols chat room - HERE.

Bid a final farewell to Nhlanhla on DSTV's GO3 showat 17:00!

End of the Road for Nhla (Idols' report)

This article can be found on the Mnet Idols website:

The unanimous opinions of the media and results of radio polls held around the country were in line with Randall’s prediction that Nhlanhla’s second song during Sunday’s Spectacular (13 Nov) was his swansong.

During an agonising live Results Show, tallied results of over one million viewers’ revealed that V, Nicky and Karin received the most amount of votes and earned themselves a place in the semi-finals, while the only men in the Idols Top 12 found themselves in an undesirable place: the bottom two.

For Gift, the chance to secure the crown of Idol 2005 remains a possibility. For Nhlanhla, the finalist receiving the least amount of votes, the Idols road has come to an unfortunate end – on the eve of his twenty-third birthday.

During a post-show press conference, in reference to Dave Thompson’s repeated observations that his tone had changed, Nhlanhla maintained that ''nothing happened. I don’t think my voice changed.'' Instead, he admits that he went through a rough patch in which he wasn’t enjoying some of the things that he was doing and that after performances like The Bee Gees’ ''How Deep Is Your Love'' and Puff Daddy’s ''Every Breath You Take'', started to doubt himself. Changing his mindset earlier last week and feeling comfortable with the songs he had chosen, he managed to relax and enjoy himself – albeit too late to make any further headway in a stiff competition.

Nhlanhla’s own life has also irrevocably been changed by the Idols experience. ''I am not going back to gardening!'' he joked. ''Maybe one day I’d like to work in my own garden, but not to earn a living. Now there’s a better way for me to make money!''

Having planted his musical seed in the SA industry and enjoyed unparalleled exposure through Idols, Nhlanhla is ready to embark on his solo career, hoping recording companies ''are hungry for me!'' Taking Dave’s advice, he wants to concentrate on Afropop and follow in the footsteps of local stars Nthando and Ringo.

* * *
Comments: It may have been his swansong at Idols, but his fans know this is only the beginning of better things for our star.
* * *
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Just The Beginning!

Nhlanhla, your fans are sad to see you leave Idols - yet, you've achieved a remarkable accomplishment. In your own words on DSTV's Channel 37, you said that you went from gardener to top 5 in Idols. You embody everything that Idols is all about - thanks to the likes of you, the rest of us are able to reach for our dreams. Thank you for that!

You've done well and many of us feel you deserved to go all the way. We will never forget the magic you brought into our lives these past few months, the joy, the drama, the pleasure of hearing your beautiful voice, that smile that lit up hearts and souls. You are a beautiful person and we know you will be around for many, many years, entertaining us as just you can.

Mama Afrika, the great Miriam Makeba loves you - that should tell you just how special you are. Your future is bright, Nhlanhla - there is no turning back, the road ahead of you is paved with fame and good fortune. Go forth, Nhlanhla, and claim what is yours.

Remember that ZamaJobe, the biggest selling S.A. Idols contestant ever, only reached eighth place in Idols 2003 - you reached the fifth spot! Nhlanhla, in the words of your fans - you rock! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Vote for Nhlanhla!

Calling all Nhlanhla fans - put your money where your mouth is and contribute to an exciting career for this aspiring superstar.

To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

In spite of the judges, Nhlanhla was the only one totally on song tonight with BOTH performances - he rocked the house with his first number (Stevie Wonder's 'Part Time Lover') and gave a goosebump performance with his second (Luther Vandross's 'Here and Now'). How can you not smile and feel happy when Nhlanhla gives us his all? You deserve to win this, Nhlanhla.

However, having said that, I thought Gift's second song was the performance of the night - he was simply brilliant and knows just how to work the crowds - what a guy, what a great find. I wasn't that impressed with his first number, but BOTH the boys deserve the top two spots.

However, even I know that Karin will secure one of those two places. Her rendition of Never, Never, Never will never be forgotten - as special, as beautiful and as unforgettable as the first time she sang that song at her audition. South Africans, we have ourselves a new diva - she's here to stay. I'll be honest and admit that I didn't like her second choice of song, but her performance was sensational. While I want the boys in the top 2, there's no doubt that only one of them will stand beside Karin.

Nicky, Nicky, Nicky - the girl who keeps on proving everyone wrong, including me. Her off-stage personality just doesn't go with her onstage performances. It's unbelievable that a girl that young can sing with so much soul. However, while I'll immediately buy a cd by Nhlanhla, Gift or Karin, I'd wait a year or two before buying a cd by Nicky. Why? Well, she's so good now, imagine what she's going to be like in two years time. I just feel she needs more consistency. Well done to her, though - I'll never doubt the Cheetah Chick again.

Then there was V. People have been arguing about her since the competition started and she has her own huge fan base. I don't deny that she deserves to be in the top 5, but I will not be sad to see her leave on Monday night.

If I had to apply the "CD TEST" to the contestants, the only one who fails it, is V. The cd test is a question I ask myself - would I buy a cd featuring this contestant? The answer to Nhlanhla, Gift and Karin is a resounding "yes", to Nicky, a maybe... to V? No, definitely not. She's lovely, she's got a good enough voice, but not good enough to be an Idol - I'm sure she'll have a bright and happening future, but I really feel it's the end of the road for her. I do not like her American enforced accent, and she battles with some of the higher notes, something none of the other four contestants have a problem with. She would do well to stick to soft country songs.

Performances of the night (in order of preference):
1. Gift - End Of The Road (no, it's not the end of the road for YOU, Gift)
2. Nhlanhla - Part Time Lover
3. Nhlanhla - Here and Now
4. Karin - Never, Never, Never
5. Karin - Never Too Much
6. Nicky - Foolish Games
7. Gift - You Remind Me (Usher is always a hard act to follow)
8. Nicky - Small Room (Sorry, Nicky, wrong song choice)
9. V - I Turn To You (a few bum notes)
10. V - Work It out
(Sorry, girl, you're beautiful, but you don't have the groove to do Beyonce)

To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676
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Friday, November 11, 2005

Interview with Nhlanhla

VOTE for Nhlanhla!
Cast your vote between 17H30 on Sunday, 13 November 2005 and 18H30 on Monday, 14 November 2005.
To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

The following interview with Nhlanhla appears on the Idols official site. Check it out to see what the other contestants have to say).

During their weekly shopping spree at Truworths, Sandton City, we caught up with Idols Top 5 about Sunday’s songs, shopping and more…

What do you want for your birthday on Tuesday (15 Nov)?
''I can’t choose! Something special will make me happy.''

Got any plans for the big day?
''No plans… although I’m not sure if my mom or girlfriend have anything planned.''

How have things been without Ayanda?
''Quiet. Things have become a lot more hectic. I’m really suffering with what the judges have had to say and am worried that people are listening to them instead of making their own opinions… I haven’t asked Mali, but Johan (Idols Musical Director) doesn’t feel there is any difference in my tone and neither do I.''

How did you choose your tracks for Sunday’s Spectacular?
''They’re the most popular songs and I think the ones the audience will be most familiar with.''

Is it good to be in control of your song choices again?''
The freedom of choice is great but at the same time, the judges can use our choices as ammunition against us…'' Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Pledge To You (by Phillip Ramphisa)

“Have u ever paid for the next person at a tollgate just to save them from digging their own pocket and to surprise a total stranger. Try it; it will make your day!!”
“We gave to overcome challenges of the Tsunami; we also gave to overcome the devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused. Now let us give in a happy manner to make one of our own a star that he truly is.”

Nhlanhla Mwelse is a remarkable young man who made it from working as a gardener in Springs to one of the top five contestants in the Mnet Idols 2005 competition. His voice is as unique as that of Elton John’s - his fans usually say, “nobody sings like Elton John, nobody sings like Nhlanhla Mwelse”.

He is definitely reminds us of the likes of Brenda Fassie - a true talent.

What is striking about Nhlanhla is that in the Mnet idols competition he is not a judges’ favourite and his fans seem to be a few who vote in hundreds. This makes for an amazing and powerful team because Nhlanhla himself loves his fans more than any other celebrity that has ever been seen - to him they are not just numbers, they are people who care, who deserve his gratitude.

In his message to his fans (available on his fan site) he even wishes that he can meet his fans one by one to thank them. Not only does he cherish his fans but he longs for an opportunity to reach out to people in dire circumstances and help them make it. Nhlanhla's Die-Hard fans have managed to keep him in the competition by voting even though the judges comments were unfavourable towards him; they did not stop voting and did so with hundreds of sms’s each, just to ensure he remained in the competition. With this kind of commitment, his fans became known as Die-Hards. They do not vote based on one performance and comments from judges, but vote because they want to buy the first CD that their superstar Nhlanhla Mwelse will record after winning the competition.

Nhlanhla is an inspiration to all South Africans.

I ask for your contribution in making this young man a star that he is. At 22 years old he still has much to achieve and to contribute to South Africans, as well as the music industry. His talent gives him the right to win the idols competition, his strength of character is admirable enough to justify that you give votes for him.

If you were to make one person a star and they deserved it, how much would you give? Sometimes, you just have to listen to give; sometimes you just need offer a suggestion; other times, we give by smiling at a person.

Today, I am offering you an opportunity to give something else to help turn Nhlanhla into the star he most surely will become.

Please cast your vote this Sunday (13 November) and Monday (14 November) for Nhlanhla Mwelse.

The idols competition broadcasts live on Mnet during open time on Sunday from 17:30 to 19:00. Please watch as Nhlanhla sings in his unique voice and shows us the world! More importantly, please join hands with the Die-Hards to vote for him as many times as you can this Sunday.

Even if you don’t watch Idols please cast your vote wherever you are after 17:30 on Sunday to make a new South African star.

To vote for Nhlanhla, sms Nhlanhla to 33676 or call 0862277711. Vote lines open on Sunday 17:30 until Monday 18:30 each week. Please vote as many times as u can in bulks and bunches. Each sms will cost R1.50 and a call will cost R2.05 cents per vote.

To find out more about Nhlanhla you can go to his fan site or fan blog: or

To join Nhlanhla’s email group send a blank email to

To find out more about the Mnet idols show you can go to:

written by Phillip Ramphisa

Songs to be sung on Sunday, 13 November 2005

Nhlanhla – ''Here and Now'', Luther Vandross; ''Part Time Lover'', Stevie Wonder

Nicky – ''Foolish Games'', Jewel; 'Small Room'', Karen Zoid

Karin – ''Never Never'', Shirley Bassey; ''Never Too Much'', Mary J Blige

Gift – ''You Remind Me'', Usher, ''End of the Road'', Boyz II Men

V – ''I Turn To You'', Christina Aguilera; ''Work It Out'', Beyonce

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First the blog, then the website, now the email group!

To discuss stategy and to rave about Nhlanhla Mwelse, The Man, please join The Die-Hard Fans by sending a blank email to:

See you on the list!

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The Man Speaks!

Nhlanhla posted a message to his fans in his Mnet Forum yesterday.

This is what he had to say:

Post By: Nhlanhla
Posted On: 2005/11/07 02:53:49 PM

First of all, to all my fans, I want to say thank you very much for your votes. I really appreciate what you’re doing for me and don’t stop - keep on voting! Today, I’m not really scared because I know you are voting for me and one day I’d love to meet you one by one and give you all my thanks in person.

So, fans, you've heard what he has to say - let us make sure he stays in the competition!

The Man & His Fans

He did it! Congratulations, Nhlanhla, for making it through to the next round!

A huge thumbs up to all his fans for keeping him in – he deserves to be there and he had no business being in the bottom half.

However, I will not deny that last night made for dramatic viewing, probably the most tense elimination show this season – unless you were a Karin, Nicky or Gift fan of course. When Ayanda joined Nhlanhla on stage, my heart sank and I realised that he was in danger.

The big surprise came when it was revealed that V also had to join them – her fans had done quite a remarkable job of convincing everyone that she had by far the biggest number of fans (even though it’s apparent to even the blindest of bats that Karin is the one with the largest fan base). Lest we forget – most of the nasty remarks posted on Nhlanhla’s forum on Sunday and Monday came mainly from V fans – well done guys, had The Man gone home last night, you would have lost possible votes for your favourite – they say, what comes around, goes around.

It was sad to see Ayanda go, but on the night, she was unfortunately the weakest overall. As the contestants themselves have acknowledged, the competition is incredibly intense now and you have to do a "Nicky-shows-Shakira-how-to-do-it" to survive. As V discovered after her dismal performance of “On The Other Side Of The world, none of the contestants can afford to have a bad song moment.

The competition is going to hot up this coming Sunday – only the best will suffice, and even The Man will have to deliver the goods. We look forward to him upping his game and getting rid of more of the competition.


Worst Moment: When Colin said that Nhlanhla was in the bottom half.

Best Moment: Colin telling Nhlanhla to take a seat!

Surprise Moment: V in the bottom two!

Sleaziest Moment: Natalie Poole, "journalist" from Heat magazine, with her comment about Nhlanhla sounding like a chipmunk. Nats, love, a word of advice – perhaps you shouldn’t say someone sounds like a chipmunk when you yourself look like one.

Generally, it was an excellent elimination show – perhaps the best ever, even though The Man was in danger.

Well done, Nhlanhla, The Die-Hard fans and their rah-rah man, Phillip!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

Top 6 Performances

To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

My review of last night's performances:

The performance of the night:
Nhlanhla singing All Night Long (Lionel Richie). It was magical - Nhlanhla back to being his best.

I enjoyed his first song, but the song itself was perhaps not a good choice.

Other very good performances:
Karin (both songs) - no matter what her detractors say, this lady can sing!
Gift - as smooth, as sexy and as laid-back. Mara, there's nothing wrong with the clothes he wears!
Nicky - WOW! This young girl just knows when to pull rabbits out of the hat! Her second song was the second best performance of the night. Her first song wasn't too bad either.
V's first song was fine - she started off with a wobble, but more than made up for that initial flat start. Great rendition, this girl can rock!

Bad performances:
Ayanda, both songs. I think the bubbly songstress will be going home tonight. I had high hopes for her, but she just didn't deliver.
V's second performance (On the other side of the world) - the worst performance of the night. This girl has a fine voice, but she must stay away from soul. A bad, bad choice by the judges.

In order, the best performances:

1. Nhlanhla, All Night Long
2. Nicky, Underneath Your Clothes
3. Karin, If I Can't Have You
4. Karin, Do You Know Where You're Going To?
5. Nhlanhla, Walking Away
6. Gift, Back At One
7. Gift, Uptown Girl
8. V, Call Me
9. Nicky, Brass In Pocket
10. Ayanda, One Day I’ll Fly Away
11. Ayanda, Another Sad Love Song
12. V, The Other Side Of The World

Please note, there are MY opinions only.

To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

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To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

View Nhlanhla's new UNOFFICIAL website here:
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Friday, November 04, 2005

Crunch time!

From Sunday 17:30 through to Monday at about 18:30, vote for Nhlanhla by calling 0862277711 or SMSing `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

Picture courtesy of Mnet and Fremantle.

Nhlanhla will post a message on his forum on Monday, 7 November!

"The Man" has reached a crucial stage in the competition - from now on, song choice is vital and one less than spectacular performance can see any of the top 6 going home on Monday.

Nhlanhla's fans expect him to excel on Sunday night. The two songs he's to sing suit his voice. If you've missed it, here are the songs he'll be singing this Sunday:
The theme is "Judges Choice"
''All Night Long'', Lionel Richie;
''Walking Away'', Craig David

My prediction is that he's going to shine again, especially with the Lionel Richie song. as very few upbeat songs will be sung - my feeling is that the tv audience will be ready to hear a great party song like All Night Long, and The Man is sure to deliver the goods.

According to his profile on the MNet Idols website, Nhlanhla is a Scorpio, so his birthday must be coming up (or he recently blew out 23 candles). Does anyone know his birth date?

The following article found on the Idols website, tells us how Nhlanhla is feeling about being in the top 6:

Find the complete article here:

Nhlanhla’s really feeling the pressure and is praying he delivers this Sunday (6 Nov). To all his fans, he’ll be on the forums on Monday afternoon (7 Nov)...

How does it feel to be down to only six of you?
''It’s tough. I can’t believe it! It’s crazy! Now the competition is really getting hectic…"

How do you feel about singing two songs on Sunday?'
'It’s also hectic! I think it will be fine though - I’m hoping! The show’s becoming more and more interesting.''

What do you think about the judges’ choice of songs for you?
"I think they’re cool. They’re not songs I would have chosen for myself and I have never performed a Craig David song before. Being Judges’ Choice, we don’t really have a choice but to do them as best we can…"

'Were you surprised on Monday (1 Nov) to find out you ranked in the top half of the Top 8?
''I was very surprised! After the judges’ comments on Sunday (31 Oct), I told my family and friends that I was going home… Although a lot of people said that they like the way I performed a combination of two songs, only Mara Louw liked it. But obviously people still voted for me, and for that I’d like to say a big, big thank you!!! Keep voting guys!''
So, fans, you've read what The Man has said - KEEP VOTING!

Nhlanhla, if you're reading this - good luck for Sunday!

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Welcome to Nhlanhla's fan blog!

At last, Nhlanhla's fan blog - welcome fans as we follow Nhlanhla's progress in Idols 3.

To Vote for Nhlanhla, call 0862277711 or SMS `Nhlanhla’ to 33676

All pictures, unless otherwise stated, are courtesy of the MNET Idols website and Fremantle Media.

The following information appears under his profile on the MNet Idols website:

Age: 22

Starsign: Scorpio

Place of residence: Springs, Johannesburg

Occupation: Currently working as a gardener

Favourite artist: Usher, Thandiswa Mazwai, Loyiso

Favourite previous Idols: None

Hobbies: Music, singing and performing

Formal training: Yes

Songs sung:

Audition song
''The Click Song'', Miriam Makeba

Group stage songs
'Hello', Lionel Richie; 'This Love', Maroon 5

Top 12 stage
Millennium Hits:
'Used To Love You', John Legend

Top 11 stage
Number One Hits from the 90s:
'The Only One', Eternal

Top 10 stage
Music from the movies: ''How Deep Is Your Love'', The Bee Gees (Saturday Night Fever)

Top 9 stage
Viewers' Choice: 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered', Stevie Wonder

Top 8 stage
How It Should Be Done: 'Killing Me Softly', The Fugees

Top 8 stage
Music Video Hits: 'Every Breath You Take', Puff Daddy

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